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About Us

What is

insure-flood-logoInsureFlood is an online insurance comparison site that allows you to compare quotes from a panel of flood insurance specialists by filling out one simple form. Your details will be forwarded to insurance providers who offer insurance for all kinds of properties with previous flooding or in a high-risk flood area. The idea is to take the hassle out of finding quotes and instead allow you to focus on the details of the policies so you can choose which is best for your needs.

How Works

When buying insurance it’s always important to shop around. The quotes you are given can vary greatly so it’s essential to get a good number of quotes if you want to get the best deal possible. InsureFlood works in a very simple way. By clicking the green button on any of the insurance pages, you’ll be taken to a simple quote form. You then simply fill out some basic information about yourself and what you want to be included with your insurance. You’ll then be able to compare the personalised quotes you receive from the panel of specialist insurance providers. Getting quotes in this way is ideal as it means that you’re spending your time and effort where it’s most important i.e. the details of the policy, rather than having to do all the work yourself to get the quotes.